We spend considerable time finding and vetting the best farmers. Our procurement team personally visits every farm at least once a year. We work with farmers who prioritize ethical treatment, raise their animals on pasture and don’t use foreign inputs.

Linton Pasture Pork


Linton Pasture Pork

Linton Pasture is a small farrow to finish family-run farm located in Walton, Ontario. It is a niche market pork producer who believes in humane and sustainable production. These pasture pigs are raised outdoors between spring and fall, and during the winter season, they are raised in an old-fashioned bank barn with an outdoor option.


Fenwood Farm

Fenwood Farm is certified organic. Their animals are fed on a proprietary blend of grains, corn and legumes and are raised in modern buildings with clean well water, fresh air to breathe and access to natural sunlight. Our 100% organic grains are grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic plant regulators.

Fenwood Farm
Linton Pasture Pork


Hoffnung Mennonite Co-Op

The Howick Community Farms operate as a small co-op at the edge of Lake Huron. This tight-knit group has provided Toronto with quality pasture-raised proteins, eggs and other provisions over the years. Elverne Wideman is the curator to the Hoffnung’s bounty, a middleman for traditional Mennonite practices.


Atlantic Beef

Ashley Wood raises beef, potatoes, turnips, soybeans, wheat and corn and is a great steward of the pastures and fields in Cherry Valley, PEI. He and his sons raise over a hundred cattle, including Angus, Hereford, Simmental and Charolais breeds. Ashley is a proud Prince Edward Island certified beef producer, supplying happy, healthy animals, and humane local beef to Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Fenwood Farm
Linton Pasture Pork


Beverly Creek Lamb

Beverly Creek Lamb is a small, family-owned and -operated farm in Millgrove, Ontario. Animal welfare is a first priority, with all animals given space to move around, dry shelter from the elements and green pasture when in season.

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