How does Bespoke source it’s farms?

Beyond Organic - its the bio-dynamic crop rotation of the pasture and the welfare of those creatures who live on it that matter most. We are transparent and so are the farms.

Bespoke’s entire purpose is to source the best farms; to support them and tell their stories. We look at three major factors when we decide to represent a farm and work with them. The farmer, the inputs and the abattoir.

Most importantly we look at the welfare of the animal, which not only includes the pasture they graze on, but all the way to slaughter. We believe that if you’re going to eat an animal you should take care of it the whole way - not only is it caring for life, but animals that are ethically treated do taste better. We vet the farm, the transportation of livestock, the facilities and of course the diet.

It’s a truly complicated group of issues, and we are on top of it. Please feel free to email us and ask any questions you have - Breeds, diets, government rules and regulations. For the most up to date information on what we’re sourcing from the farms read our Bespoke Blog.


What does “Bespoke” mean?

It means custom made. We are whole animal butchers. What that means is that we are focused on being a holistic solution to commodity farming. We buy the whole animal, so we can do anything for you. If you want to learn from real butchers, we are still here.

Can I pre-order for pickup or delivery?

Absolutely yes. You can call or email any of our locations and your order will be ready when you are. If you’d like to look into a bulk order we offer discounts and home delivery for orders over $250.00