Highland Beef from Red Cart Farms


Highland Beef 

Farm: Red Cart Farms
Location: Bayfield, Ontario
Farmer: Rick Captein
The Animal: Highland Bull, 581lbs dress weight
Diet/Living Conditions: On pasture for the entirety of its life eating peas, oats, barley and several different variety of grasses. Finished on spent brewers grain from River Road Brewing and Hops (brewery and hop farm).


Rick Kaptein in Bayfield, Ontario is raising the most majestic of animal, in a setting that fits suit. Purebred Highland beef, on his ever evolving pasture. Not often do we work with farming operations in such infancy, but Rick at Redcart Farms in Bayfield is onto something quite special. 


After a quick call inside a dense covered forest (of course it was ripping hot), the herd calmly stroll to wear we stand, amazing temperment. This was another reason Rick decided to go with Highlands. The first thing that is to be admired about these animals is their stunning appearance. Their soft long hair that covers there eyes and long horns make them look straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia! The beef yielded from these animals is lean and rich in flavour, an animal that benefits heavily from a pasture raised and finished environment. 



Raised in a conventional farming family, similar to his neighbour in Walton (our good friend Jeff Linton), Rick admits he has had to reconfigure his brain. 


“I had been raised learning one thing, but everything I now read online about sustainable farming tells me the opposite.”

While his pastures are lush with oats, peas and various other legumes, Rick is still currently developing the land to best suite the breed. Rick recently toured Jeff Linton’s farm (with Bespoke alongside) to learn more about pasture rotation and development, a move I highly regarded!



Rick mentioned a bull to us that day that was not hitting the mark (take that as you will). Low libido and a relatively small frame, Ellboy was not going to make the cut. He lived his life on pasture and was finished on spent brewer’s grain at River Road Brewing and Hops. One bad day. After our success with a purebred Galloway bull, this was great news for us!

Bespoke will be offering this beautiful animal in all stores this weekend!

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