Buy local, ethical, sustainable meat.
From local Ontario farmers right to your Toronto doorstep.

Bespoke Butchers is a social venture

At Bespoke Butchers, we stand up for the whole hog, the entire chicken, the complete cow and the full lamb. We believe in working directly with local farmers who raise animals using the best methods of animal husbandry that, above all, prioritize animal welfare while maintaining long-term sustainability of the land. This principle allows us to pay a fair price to knowledgeable farmers who are practising a “beyond organic” way of farming; and, in turn, to deliver fair prices to our community while providing full transparency and peace of mind to our customers about the provenance of their food.


Bespoke sources its products from dozens of small Ontario farms, which allows us to find truly unique and seasonal products. There are so many benefits to sourcing local products, including higher levels of vitamins and nutrients, safer meat, reducing your carbon footprint, and let’s not forget, better taste!


We believe strongly in the ethical treatment of animals, which is known as high-welfare animal husbandry. The animals are pasture raised and can free range, forage and root in a stress-free environment.


Raising quality animals means growing excellent grasses. Our farmers practise crop rotations of local plants to help regenerate the land.


Choose from one of our ethical meat boxes below. During these hard times, we are offering free delivery on all orders over $75 and next-day delivery for all orders placed before 4 p.m.

Let us bring the farm to your table!


Mainstay Farms

We spend considerable time finding and vetting the best farmers. Our procurement team personally visits every farm at least once a year. We work with farmers who prioritize ethical treatment, raise their animals on pasture and don’t use foreign inputs.

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We’re not drooling, you’re drooling.

This beautifully cooked bavette by @__hayleyjean will surely be in our dreams tonight 🐄😴

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Sunday roast with the most 👌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻Heritage Breed @lintonpasturepork Coppa Roast, skin on.

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Pick a pasta, any pasta! Farfalle, rigatoni, penne, spaghetti, gnocchi — you can’t go wrong with @pasta_rummo hand crafted noodles #chefskiss 🍝👌🏻

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Sunshine and 10 degrees calls for all the @deathinvenicegelato 🍦☀️🍦

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Weekend dinner ideas: Beautifully marbled #PEIBeef, grass fed and potato finished 🐄🥩👌🏻

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Our house made spices are here to compliment your cuts. We’ve got BBQ, Jerk, herb & curry blends.

Ask our staff for recommendations if you’re looking for meal prep ideas! 🥩🧑‍🍳🌶 #housemade

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Buzz free bevies — we’ve got options 🍻🍹🥂

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